''Snow Moon at the Break of Dawn'' 

watercolor 12''x 20



''Fells Point Sunset''

16x20 oils on linen $200.00

''Moon Over Domino Sugar'' 

oil on linen 11''x 14'' $500.

''Autumn Outside my Window''

acrylic on canvas 11''x 14'' $300

''I Can Hear that Winter Train A Coming''

oil on linen 11''x 14''


''Baltimore's New Year's Celebration''

acrylic 11''x 14'' $300.00

''Buck Moon''

oils on linen 11x14 $400.00


''Main Street Ellicott City''

oils on linen 11x14 $400.00 Plein-Air

''At The Cherry Blossom Festival '' 

oils on linen 14x18 $600.00

Alley Perspective at Rutter Street and Lanvale''''

watercolor 12''x 18''


''Monet's Garden''

16x20 Gicee  $350.00.

''The Turn to Autumn '' 

16x20 pastels $300.00

''Moulin Rouge''

Gicee 16x28 $500.00

''A Beach Impressions''

pastels 16x20 $300.00

''A Grand View''

oils on linen 22x28 2,100.00

''Sunset in Ocean City''

oils on linen 11x14 $400.00