''The Passion of Billie''

oils on linen


John Lee Hooker

16x20 charcoal

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Jazz * blues

''Jazz Songress''

acrylic on canvas 16''x 20''

​''A Jazz Cat with Instruments''

oil on canvas 24''x 30'' $2400

''Modern Miles''

oil on linen 22''x 28''​ $1500.00


pen & ink 5''x 7''

''Monk Off Key''

16x20 oil on panel


''Soprano Sound''

pastels 18''x 24'' print $20.00

''The Sidewinder''

16x20 oil on linen       

''An Artist on the Sax''

oil on linen 22''x 28'' $1800

''A Love Supreme''

oil on linen 24''x 30'' $2100

''Sarah Vaughan Singing April in Paris''

watercolor 11''x 14  $400

''The Colorful Dizzy Gillespie''

pastel 18''x 24'' $500

''The Many Colors of Miles''

oil on canvas 32''x 40''

''Mingus the Bass Man''

oils on canvas 24x30

''Blue Trane''

acrylics on canvas 24x30 $1,800.